Today, the newly formed Edmonton Screen Industries Office Society (ESIO) appeared in front of City Council’s Community and Public Services Committee to formalize their grant agreement of $530,000 for two years and to update councillors on their progress.

“I’m pleased to say that the ESIO is up and running and ready to begin its work to help lead Edmonton in becoming a national and international centre for media production excellence. We are delighted by the confidence shown in us by our municipality and will work diligently to steward an organization committed to nurturing an integrated screen industry right here in our city, ” said ESIO Chair Carman McNary.

Screen industries includes the full range of screen-based entertainment, education and training – from mobile, television, Internet streaming and theatrical release inclusive of live action, animation and interactive video games. The ESIO will work closely with screen industry professionals to:

  •  Explore innovations and the future of the industries on multiple platforms, so that Edmonton can be at the forefront of new directions in the sector.
  • Facilitate local content production across a variety of platforms.
  • Seek out markets and distribution avenues for locally produced content.
  • Attract projects that the Edmonton talent pool can support.

The ESIO Board of Directors, selected with input from the Edmonton Screen Industries Working Group, which recommended its formation, is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds with exceptional governance experience.

“We are grateful to the transitional Edmonton Screen Industries Working Group for their leadership over the last couple of years and are committed to working alongside specialists in the sector to nurture a vibrant industry ecosystem that will bring new opportunities and investment, job creation and economic growth to Edmonton,” said McNary.

The first task for the ESIO board will be to hire a CEO, establish an advisory committee structure and develop a strategic plan to lead on issues, opportunities, innovations and investment attraction.

“This is an exciting sector undergoing considerable convergence, disruption and innovation. In addition to fostering economic growth in this specialized arena, we believe our role is to spearhead the effective and accountable use of the City’s investment and keep City Council apprised of our progress. This is important work, and we are honoured to be playing our part in doing it well,” concluded McNary.

All inquiries about the ESIO should be directed to the Chair:
Carman R. McNary, Q.C.
[email protected]