Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Support the development, growth and sustainability of enterprises, entrepreneurs, professionals and talent in the Edmonton Metro screen industries.

Our Vision

Ensure that Edmonton Metro becomes known nationally and internationally as a great place to start, develop and commercialize creative content in the screen industries.


In May 2017, the City of Edmonton took the bold step of establishing the Edmonton Screen Industries Office (“ESIO”) to lead community efforts to take advantage of the opportunities and technology changes impacting the sector.

With early support from the Edmonton Arts Council and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, and seed financial support from the City of Edmonton, the ESIO set to work to re-establish and expand leadership roles once assigned to the Edmonton Film Commission into an expanded vision for the growth and sustainability of all of Edmonton Metro’s creative screen enterprises and industries.

ESIO’s strategy considers and addresses the challenge of a wide diversity of interests, history and business models by approaching the sector with an entrepreneurial mindset, building on and leveraging Edmonton Metro’s existing strengths in support of more sustainable enterprises and new sector opportunities. Our strategy requires listening to the various players in the industry, appreciating their diverse needs, and understanding and responding to the benefit of the entire Edmonton screen media ecosystem.