The ESIO is happy to announce that we have committed funding to 13 Market Access grant applicants. There were many exciting projects submitted and we look forward to watching them progress in the future.

The successful applicants for the Market Access Grant are:

  • Dark Elegy Films Inc.
  • Keen Eye Productions Inc.
  • Northern Gateway Films Inc.
  • Catapult Pictures Inc.
  • Caldera Interactive Ltd.
  • Moving Artistry Productions Inc.
  • Only by Midnight Ltd.
  • Sticks & Stones  
  • ID: Productions Inc.
  • Crimson Herring Studios Inc.
  • Critical Fusion Interactive Media Inc.
  • Fareed Abdelhak Productions Inc.
  • Itzy Interactive Inc.

Make sure to check our social media at @EdmontonScreen for future grant announcements!