Edmonton Screen Industries Office launches Edmonton Screen Media Fund

(ESIO, Edmonton, AB) Today the Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO) launched the $4 million Edmonton Screen Media Fund, which will support eligible screen media projects and ventures through loans or investments.
The screen media sector encompasses a range of industries, including video game development, film and television production, and the creation of augmented and virtual reality experiences.

In Canada, film, television and digital media production generates over $12.7 billion a year in GDP impact. The video game industry represents another $3.7 billion in economic activity, and the augmented and virtual reality industry is expected to be nearly as large as more traditional screen media industries by 2022. According to ESIO’s CEO, Josh Miller, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is well-positioned to capitalize on these burgeoning industries and firmly establish itself as a major player in screen media.

“Edmonton is an ideal environment for the creation of screen media, which exists at the intersection of art, technology and business. We have physical infrastructure and facilities that support these industries. We have a wealth of very creative and talented entrepreneurs, along with successful Edmonton-based anchor companies that are highly respected. We have a community that recognizes the value of these industries and wants to support their growth,” says Miller. “This fund will act as a catalyst, paving the way for creators across multiple screen media disciplines to develop innovative and commercially viable screen media products that add to our region’s growing track record of successful ventures.”

Projects and ventures led by Edmonton-area companies and creators are the main focus of the new fund, which may contribute as much as 15% of a total budget up to a $250,000 maximum. Projects and ventures led by companies outside the region are eligible for funding, but must situate their activities in the Edmonton area and use local skilled workers and service providers.

“This fund will provide more opportunities to leverage the exceptional creativity and expertise of our region’s talent pool, yielding outcomes that benefit the entire Metro region. Reaching our full potential in the screen media industries is one important piece in the larger puzzle of economic growth and diversification,” says Miller.

Applications for support through the Edmonton Screen Media Fund can be submitted online at edmontonscreenindustries.com.

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