The ESIO is happy to announce that we have committed funding to 9 Market & Event Access grant applicants. There were a number of exciting projects during the inaugural intake and we look forward to these folks showing their work off to the world.

With this round of applications, we saw that the world is opening up once again for opportunities for our YEG based folks to head out and show the world what Edmonton has to offer. Applicants from animation, film and television, as well as interactive digital media were selected and we recommend you check out their websites.

The list of successful applicants:

Brandy Y Productions
Critical Fusion Interactive Media
Coyote Productions
Dark Elegy
EXP-resso Mutt
Hired Hands Productions
Northern Gateway Films
Only by Midnight

We congratulate the selected applicants and look forward to opening another round of supports for event attendance in the fall. Make sure to check our social media for updates at @EdmontonScreen on all platforms so you can stay up to date with grant announcements.