The ESIO recently offered two grant streams, The Industry Support Grant which offers grants to provide a competitive edge to companies that are primarily engaged in the creation of screen media content and based in Edmonton, and the Industry Organizations grant which is a NEW micro-grant program supporting organizations such as non-profits, educational institutions, established student groups and industry trade organizations. We are happy to announce that a total of $46,369 will be awarded for both streams.

Congratulations to the following on their successful applications!

Catapult Pictures Inc. 
Chad K Productions 
Della & Goliath Productions Inc. 
Edmonton Production Rentals 
Hired Hands Productions 
k-Critical Inc. 
Mighty Motion Pictures 
One Six Zero 
ScoreG Productions 
Tangerine Lobby 
EMC Media Consulting 
Documentary Organization of Canada / Documentaristes du Canada 
Edmonton Short Film Festival 
International Festival of Winter Cinema 
Victoria School of the Arts

Stay tuned for updates and the opening of our next grant streams this new year.