The ESIO is happy to announce that we have committed funding to 10 Early Stage Project grant applicants. There were a number of exciting projects during the fall intake and we look forward to sharing them with the world when they are public. Grants Officer Shay Wilson says, “there are some applicants this round that had some of the best applications we’ve seen since we opened the program last year.”

With the recent momentum under their belt, there are several local game studios that will be receiving supports as well as animation and film and television.

The list of successful applicants:

Autonomous Entertainment
Critical Fusion Interactive Media
Dept. 9 Studios LP
Oleg Egorov
Giffen Interactive
Itzy Interactive
Kolton Meier
Milo Productions
Uni-Bear Productions Inc.
XGen Studios

We congratulate the selected applicants and look forward to opening another round of supports in the new year. Make sure to check our social media for updates at @EdmontonScreen on all platforms so you can stay up to date with grant announcements.

We also encourage those who are eligible to submit their application for the Gil Cardinal Legacy Award as it’s intake period is open until November 15, 2021.