2021 in Review

It goes without saying that 2021 continued to be a hard year for all. Here at ESIO, we have been blown away by the amazing projects that have been created, developed, produced & released here in Edmonton and we’ve made a list of some of the amazing things our community has accomplished.

Before we get into the numbers we’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to our Board for their continued support and work to make the screen industries thrive. We would also like to thank our partners in Edmonton, Alberta and abroad. Thank you again to the City of Edmonton for their commitment to the screen industries as well as the Government of Alberta.

The ESIO would like to extend a special thank you to Lynette Tremblay and Samantha Kernahan who leave our Board this year but have served us and the community diligently. Thank you both for sharing your talents and expertise with us!

Now here are some glorious numbers:

  • 100+ new locations added to the Reel-Scout Locations Library
  • 55+ grants committed to the community
  • 10+ location rebates
  • 8+ entirely free professional development workshops
  • 2 new grant streams were introduced
  • & a new CEO in a pear tree

The ESIO also celebrated our own success when in March of this year we were granted Imagine Canada Accreditation.

Now, onto the community.

Though completed in 2020, Christmas with a Crown received a shoutout on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this December. Paco Rabbane did a unique collaboration with Only by Midnight for their game Curved Space. Casey Hudson launched a new studio, Humanoid Studios, that features some of our local Edmonton game development legends. Edmonton Direct launched with great success that highlighted over 25 video game studios within the Edmonton Metro region. Heather Hatch’s film Wochiigii lo: End of the Peace premiers at the Toronto International Film Festival. Blind Ambition: The Wop May Story receives the Audience Choice award at the Edmonton International Film Festival. Bloodthirsty gets nominated for Canadian Screen Awards to do with their killer soundtrack. Mad Devils is released from Itzy Interactive. Mass Effect Legendary barges onto the scene with the remaster of the year. Animation projects from Critical Fusion are seen as far as Dubai. Muslim Kids TV launches in Indonesia and then-Mayor Don Iveson is there virtually (and animated) to let folks know of the amazing community we have in Edmonton. Edmonton and Calgary embark on development of a provincial esports strategy increase Alberta’s homegrown Alberta Esports Associations’ opportunities. Certain large productions make their way North to Edmonton. A countless number of Edmontonians take home Rosie Awards. The Secret Society premiers as the headlining film of the Whistler Film Festival. Improbable Games Canada rebrands to Inflexion Games with a big announcement at The Game Awards.

And that’s just to name a few.

So many of the projects that we know our community is working on have yet to be announced so for now we stay with our lips sealed until they’re ready to show the world.

Our community is so amazing and we know that 2022 will be one of the biggest years in the screen industries – especially with all the amazing work coming out of Edmonton. Make sure to stay tuned to all that is going on by following us on social media @EdmontonScreen everywhere and get ready for a big year. Do you have a favourite #YEG screen industries moment from 2021? Make sure to share it with us online!

We can’t wait to see you on in person and wish you the happiest and healthiest of new years.