Edmonton Screen Media Fund (ESMF)

A flexible fund that prioritizes the needs of applicants. We offer an investment-oriented perspective, no deadlines and the potential to contribute at any stage of your project or venture. Supporting audiovisual and interactive digital media enterprises in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is our focus, but we also support guest (non-resident) screen media activities making an impact in the region. Please thoroughly review the current guidelines and supporting materials and reach out if you have questions.

How to Apply:

First, read our Guidelines for information on all funding streams. The ESIO may update the guidelines and other documents from time to time. Please ensure you reference the most recent versions.  If you are interested to participate, please contact us at [email protected]

Start Your Application for:


Preliminary Assessment:

Need to check if your project or venture is appropriate or ready for the fund? Please query us using the appropriate template Query Template Projects or Query Template Ventures and we can provide a high-level assessment. There’s no requirement to query before applying to us, but it might save time and clarify how to best present your application.

Confirm Eligibility Only:

To confirm basic eligibility to the fund, we require completion of the appropriate Certificate of Officer and the appropriate Query Template

Certificate of Officer Guest Enterprise – Choose if your company is based outside of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region
Certificate of Officer Edmonton Enterprise New Company – Choose if your Edmonton company has been in business for less than one year
Certificate of Officer Edmonton Enterprise Established Company – Choose if your Edmonton company has been in business for more than one year

You may wish to do this in advance of your main application if you are seeking third-party funding and need to show that you are eligible for the ESMF. You will receive a letter from us confirming your basic eligibility that will expire 6 months from the date of your Certificate of Officer. The letter is not a guarantee or conditional offer of funding.  Or alternatively, you can complete the Certificate of Officer at the same time as you submit your full application.